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HR Solutions

At Howie Life Solutions we can offer advice in the following areas:

Recruitment and selection
We will assist you to advertise, select and appoint the best candidate for the role you want to fill ensuring the recruitment process is fair and legally compliant. Click here for more information

Discipline and Grievance assistance
Advice on procedures, guidance to managers, assistance with disciplinary investigations and disciplinary or appeals hearings. Click here for more information

Change Management
Assistance with restructuring teams, departments, organisations including consultation and negotiation with staff and Trade Union. Click here for more information

Attendance Management
Working with your managers to introduce key performance measures, assisting line managers to manage absence, carry out meaningful return to work interviews, referrals for occupational health advice when required and knowledge of disability discrimination. Click here for more information

Terms and Conditions of Employment
Produce contracts of employment and review, re-write or produce new handbook tailored for you and your business. Click here for more information

Contracts of employment
We will produce templates for you to use including fixed term contracts, zero hours contracts and casual workers contracts.

Conflict management
Formal complaints are extremely time consuming and can be very complex, we will work with line managers to resolve matters successfully.

In addition we will provide:
Equality Consultancy work and Equality Training
Advising on performance of employees and how best to handle this
Advising on bullying and harassment issues including assistance with investigation
Introduce Performance Appraisals - this will be tailored to the organisation after consultation
   and involvement with the management team, piloted and then worked with the company to    deliver what is required, providing training and ongoing support to monitor the implementation    and quality of appraisal
Involvement with restructure of organisation including consultation with workforce and trade    unions. Assistance with implementation, reviewing and revising job descriptions, meetings with    staff and discussions regarding changes to contractual terms such as changing base, changing    roles, change of management, etc.
Reviewing implementation of new shift patterns and advising on Working Time Regulations    implications
Advice on maternity leave - One of our staff members is pregnant and we need help with the    risk assessment, maternity leave and paperwork associated with this. I provided maternity risk    assessment template and guidance/coaching, discussed the maternity leave entitlements and    draft maternity leave letter, discussing with the individual and their manager the rights of the    individual both before, during and after their maternity leave.

Recruitment and selection
Direct or indirect discrimination when recruiting and selecting can result in a unlimited financial consequences it is therefore essential that your recruitment and selection processes comply with legislation and equal opportunities. To attract and retain the right sort of people you need to have in place cost effective and efficient processes. We assist you in all stages of the recruitment and selection process by reviewing and improving your recruitment and selection practices.

We provide support with:
• Development of recruitment policy and procedure.
• Development of job descriptions, person specifications, job advertisements, etc.
• First stage applicant screening
• Long-listing, short-listing, inviting for interview etc.
• Interview and assessment support
• Job offer documentation
• Taking up references

Training is also available on the legal obligations as well as the practical skills required for successful recruitment and selection.

Disciplines, Dismissals & Grievances
Dismissals must be for a fair reason and the procedure followed must be fair too or the consequences can be that the employee can claim unfair dismissal. Unfair dismissal compensation awards can exceed £70K and 52 weeks' pay. In addition a considerable amount of management time can be spent dealing with staff underperformance, conduct and absence related issues.

We can provide advice with workplace disciplines, dismissals and grievances through providing the following service:
• Advising you on how to deal with underperformance or poor conduct
• Carrying out disciplinary or grievance investigations or reviewing your own investigations and    guiding you on the use of suspension
• Providing guidance and support on how to conduct a disciplinary or grievance hearing
• Attending as a note taker or chairing a disciplinary or grievance hearing
• Management training is available on the legal framework as well as the practical skills required    for managing discipline, dismissals and grievance.

Change Management
Businesses for market reasons may need to restructure or downsize which may make it difficult to avoid making redundancies or reorganising the workforce, this can result in difficult challenges for both businesses and employees.

We can help you deal effectively with reorganisations and/or redundancies by advising and supporting you through the correct procedures for managing such change, whether this affects just one individual or is collective (20 or more employees affected).

This includes:
• Advising on the legal obligations
• Employee representative recruitment and training
• Providing support with consultations
• Developing legally compliant selection for redundancy criteria
• Managing redundancy dismissals
• Helping the survivors

Management training is available on the legal obligations on how and when you must commence consultation and progress the actions needed for effectively managing
such change.

Attendance Management
If not effectively managed Sickness absence can be a major cost to businesses, results in additional work falling to colleagues which can then adversely affect morale if not appropriately managed. We can review and improve how you manage sickness absence on an individual and company wide basis and help you achieve a reduction in the cost of sickness, no matter how big or small your business is.

We can help you:
• Monitor absence
• Develop strategies for managing absence
• Establish effectiveness measures
• Devise "trigger" mechanisms that highlight those people needing focus and attention
• Develop guidelines and training on how to manage absence including return to work
    interviews etc.
• Advise and support management on what to do with regard to specific individual absence    including where appropriate getting medical input and linking absence into the
   disciplinary procedures

Management training is also available on the essential skills and knowledge needed to manage absence and deal effectively with short-term, irregular sickness as well as longer-term absences.

Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment (Contracts of employment)
Legally, employers are obliged to provide employees within eight weeks of starting employment with a document that sets out the main terms and conditions of their employment.
We can help you by producing contracts of employment where none exist. We can also review and update your contracts so that they are legally compliant, cost effective and provide sufficient protection to your business (with the speed that law changes, we suggest that your contracts are reviewed every two to three years).

Employee Handbooks
Employee handbooks provide employment information to employees on all employment issues, including how the company operates and the standards and procedures in place. We can help you create a employee handbook or a review of your existing handbook.

We can provide training in a number of areas including:

• Stress management
• Attendance management
• Customer care
• Equality /Diversity Awareness
• And many more which will be tailored to the client's needs

HR Solutions

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